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Today, most of the photographers are also musicians. Rudyard Kipling is a classical guitarist and also being a very passionate photographer. He was one of the most famous artists as well as print making studios photographer. I have been a life-long musician and my mother was a music teacher. My mother made me took many lessons and also learnt one-hour of music for everyday. Later in my life, I was good enough musician in playing the best guitar performance. In fact, the music has also played in some part of the photography. Even many musicians can also take the photography and many photographers can also play the music at the same time. But it is indeed possible to do both such as listen the light as well as play it. However, these two disciplines like photography and music can share several traits. The musician also loves editing photos and then applies to any kind of photography.

I often write the music and use it in my slide shows and then occasionally do it in live. As a musician and photographer, I would like to use several phrases such as rhythm, texture, energy, shape, dynamics, pattern, repetition, color, balance, tone, line, dominance, form, dissonance, harmony, perspective or weight. Even the musicians are story-tellers too, because the same type of effortless transformation of ideas, whether it may be in form of a photo or music. They can also put many things to learn in single discipline while practising another. However, I strongly believe it is necessary to learn to become a good musician and photographer too while learning to play a musical instrument. When you are thinking about these forms of creative process, you just thinking less and feeling more, which is a single-way ticker to do excellent things. I am writing this especially for those who are open to find out art forms in order to become a great photographer.