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Many professional photographers and even enthusiasts know the benefits of shooting in RAW. However, there is a large number of people who aren’t familiar with all they can do with RAW photos.

RAW Photos are Generally Better Quality

A RAW photo contains all the image data your camera’s sensor captures. This means that the files you end up with are not compressed into JPEGs by your camera, hence giving you the maximum quality possible from the sensor. Why is it important? Because you can edit RAW files without destroying your image as RAW processing is not about artificially enhancing your photos but rather lets you tweak the image data to get the look you want for your photos.

They Let You Be a Little Free

Since a RAW photo can be processed as needed after you’ve imported the file to your computer, you don’t have to keep worrying about nailing every single aspect of your photo while taking it. While a blurred image cannot be salvaged even if taken in RAW, you can easily tweak your photo’s exposure, highlights, sharpness, color balance, and much more.

Making HDRs is Easier

If you want to create HDR images, then the format again is the best way to go. Merging multiple RAW images to create an HDR photo means that you can manipulate the final look of your photo without ruining the image quality while editing in an hdr photo editor.

You can be Creative

Once you have a RAW file in your hands, you can do all manner of changes to it later on. This means that your creativity can flow unhindered. Sometimes you don’t always know what you’re going to do with a photo when you are taking it and it’s only when you see on your computer that you want to make it look a certain way. A RAW file lets you do that while maintaining the integrity of the photo.