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Imagine this: you’re in Japan and taking photos on your camera. You like to shoot in RAW so that’s what you’re doing. You take heaps of photos and open your laptop to process them in your favorite RAW editor, be it Lightroom, Aurora HDR, or Capture One. This is when you realize that your laptop is dead and you don’t have access to a power outlet to charge it up. What you do have is your phone that you can also charge with a power bank. How great would it be if you could just edit your RAW files on your phone?

Enter, Snapseed

Well, that is precisely what you can do with modern mobile apps like Lightroom for mobile and Snapseed. These apps have really pushed mobile photography and editing to a whole new level. You can not only use them to edit RAW photos that your phone takes (if your phone supports that function) but can also import various RAW formats from your professional camera and edit those. You will need Wi-Fi or NFC on your camera to transfer your photos to your phone, but many cameras these days have such functions.


All the Basic Editing Needs Fulfilled

Once you have imported your RAW files into a mobile app, you can get pretty much all the basic editing done on your phone. Of course, these apps don’t have all the capabilities of a standalone computer program, but you’d be surprised to see how much you can get out of your RAW images. From adjusting exposure to dodging and burning, mobile apps like Snapseed give you a lot of features to make the best of your photos when on the move.

And the best part of editing photos on your phone? You can share them instantly with a platform of your choice!